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Micah Ali

Vice President
Board of Trustees


Micah Ali is a new leader for today’s challenges. He is currently Vice-President of the Compton Unified School District (CUSD) Board of Trustees. The lifelong Compton community advocate is focused on improving the public schools, and thus, his community and his state.

Elected to the Compton Board of Trustees in 2007 and overwhelmingly reelected in 2011, Ali uses his intellect, grasp of complex issues and strategic policy acumen to fight for working families, public schools, and to energize the economies of urban communities.

Ali strongly believes that “The primary purpose of the Compton Schools is to meet the needs of our students and to prepare them to have bright and prosperous futures.”

With that in mind the CUSD Vice-President has become an avowed supporter of early childhood education, believing passionately that greater access to the creative arts, such as music and dance, can vastly improve the academic performance of young children.

Meanwhile, as a leader in the field, Ali has earned a reputation as a champion of students’ rights. As Compton’s schools succeed through improving graduation rates, test scores and professional development for teachers and staff, he believes all of California will take notice.

"I was reared in Compton, am a product of our schools and believe strongly that the most important thing I have to do is to make sure that our children receive a quality education," Ali noted.

Ali has worked to include teachers’ involvement in decision making that impacts classroom instruction. He also has fought to create safe classroom environments for students, teachers and classified employees.

Ali is a strong advocate for special education and after-school programs.

“Young people who are involved in extracurricular activities like sports, band, and performing arts do better in school and have a better chance of graduating. I believe that the development of well-rounded students is a key to the growing success in Compton’s schools”.

Under Ali's watch, Compton's school budgets have stabilized and investments in school modernization have increased. This is good for our students, our families and the local economy. A champion of working people, he led the fight to pass a resolution supporting the Employee Free Choice Act and successfully fought efforts to repeal the school district's project labor agreement with dozens of trade unions. He also has been leading the effort to identify and reduce wasteful spending and excessive legal fees.

Ali also serves as Vice President of the Los Angeles County School Trustees Association, an organization to which trustees from 84 Los Angeles County school districts belong. This enables him to work collaboratively with colleagues across Los Angeles County to promote the betterment of urban student’s educational opportunity.

Second only to his passion for improving public schools is his commitment to creating jobs in the community. “I emphatically support policies that attract businesses paying livable wages to Compton; it is essential for growing opportunities in our city,” stated Ali.

Ali believes in public service. Beyond his work on the CUSD Board of Trustees and the Los Angeles County School Trustees Association, he serves as: President of the Compton Creek Mosquito Abatement District Board of Trustees, a position he was nominated to by Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and confirmed unanimously by the entire Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Member of the Board of Directors of the Friends of Ballona Wetlands, whose mission is to champion the restoration and protection of natural habitats like the Compton Creek. Member of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Environmental Justice Advisory Group.

In the past, Ali has also served as:

Member on the Board of Directors of the Wilmington Medical Clinic. Chairman of the Compton Community College District Personnel Commission (2003-2006) Vice Chairman of the Compton Unified School District Personnel Commission (2006-2007). It was in his role as a Compton Personnel Commissioner, Ali earned state-wide recognition and distinction as a guardian of California’s Merit System, a system that ensures employees are hired in accordance with Personnel Commission Rules and Regulations on the basis of merit and fitness, without favoritism, interference, or influence.

Ali first developed an interest in governmental affairs and public policy when as a teen he was appointed to the Compton Youth Commission. Later, while serving as a staff liaison to the Compton City Council, he developed an understanding of policy formulation and its impact on the quality of life.

Subsequently, he went on to work with Compton’s Community Redevelopment Agency (RDA), where he was responsible for managing various successful projects. Many of these redevelopment projects represented new economic investments in the City.

And in 1998, Ali worked with the late Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald (D-37) as a Congressional Fellow in Washington, DC. He has also worked with numerous other California Democrats, including Compton City Councilwoman Delores Zurita and the late Assemblyman Mervyn Malcolm Dymally.

"I will continue to be a champion of big ideas and to be a problem solver for our youth, our families and our schools. I am very proud of Compton and honored to be a part of the historic turnaround in our schools."

Ali studied at Stanford University, Yale University and received his Bachelor of Science Degree from California State University, Dominguez Hills.

If you have ideas that can help Ali in his efforts to improve our schools, please E-mail him at mali@compton.k12.ca.us.

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