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Swun Math

swun Math ImageSwun math involves the utilization of mathematic strategies that are modeled after the lesson design and pedagogy of the world’s highest performing nations. Its approach to content standards instruction ensures that students develop procedural skills, conceptual understanding and application problem solving. When students reach middle school they typically are not prepared to pass Algebra 1 by eighth grade. One goal of this model is for students to be ready to pass Algebra 1 since it is the gatekeeper to passing math courses in high school necessary for graduation and entrance into a four-year college or university.

The math standards are regrouped in such a way that students receive instruction in related standards in a cumulative way rather than in a spiral. If students do not master a certain standard the first time they will be exposed to it again in the succeeding lesson.

The lessons are very interactive and depart from the teacher doing most of the talking. Students are involved through group work that promotes critical thinking in order to solve problems. The training entails the learning of instructional strategies and teachers will use the district adopted mathematics program.

In year one, the training involved all teachers in grades 2-5 at all elementary schools. Teachers received two days of training at the beginning of the school year followed by three trimester trainings. Training was followed up by in-classroom coaching and lesson modeling by the coaches. Principals also received training and coaching by the principal coach.

In year II, training was done in-house by the District Math Curriculum Specialists and other practitioners. Training was followed up by in-classroom coaching by Math Curriculum specialists at some sites, other used lead teachers.

In year III, 50 lead teachers are trained to lead staff development and follow-up trainings at their sites. The lead teachers receive follow-up trainings after each benchmark test to provide needed Response to Intervention.

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